Preview Tour 2017:

Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Israel, India, Bali, Mallorca, The Netherlands, Austria...

for Nia Belts :

2016 October 2 in Eschlikon/ Switzerland: hOme Choreography day

and open Class for EVERYBODY

for Nia Belts : 

2016 Dec 10& 11 in Ettlingen/ South Germany:  heArt Choreograohy

SuryaSoul® - when Yoga becomes a DanceOfLife

the new Movement Dance Meditation TeacherTraining (TT)

BhaktiYogaSummer Birth 2016:

SuryaSoul - when Yoga becomes a DanceOfLife -

The NEW Movement & Dance & Yoga Training in 3 Levels. NEW NEW NEW!!!! 

Trainings in Europe; US and Asia! Information 

Thank you all DancersOfLife to come and join our Chakra Dance Retreat 2016 in inspiring Auroville/ India. More information for 2017.

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RETREATS 2017/2018


Auroville/ India






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New Designs & Colors available on our tour 2016

Fantastic new colors, shapes,materials to move to dance to be...



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2016 Events

2016 April - October


2016 November


For Nia Belts

Learning Choreography


An article from a major media in Manila about Philippe & Sabine giving the first Nia White Belt Training in the Philippines

An article from major media in Austria about Sabine's Nomadic Lifestyle between Dance Architecture Yoga India and Selfhealing.