Chi Kung

Chi Kung is the chinese breathing techniques and exercices used by the chinese traditional medicine to prevent and cure most of the common illnesses such as cold, flu, headaches, bellyaches, joint pain, back pain...

The main teaching is to find one´s own center, the tan tiem, the energy center and work with it. The Chi Kung exercices are simple and practical and their benefits can be felt already after a few sessions. A deeper approach adresses the different meridians of the body and their relationship to health and longevity.


Practise like the iron shirt, the six breaths, the turtle, the eight diagrams are easely accessible to beginners and give us the real experience of the chinese wisdom.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi Chuan is a martial art from China which has its roots in the philosophy of the Tao Te King from Lao Tsu. The movements are flowing in a slow dance which expresses the fluidity and the power of the different states of the element Water.


The YANG style is too particularly devoted to an extreme grace and beauty in the execution of the form. Each movement has a name and represents either the position of an animal or a natural action mixing the two universal forces of Yin and Yang.

A regular practise regulates the flow of chi, the life force energy and releases the stress or blocks accumulated through our modern and hectic life Tai Chi is meditation in motion leading to a quiet and peaceful mind, very useful in times of emotional upheavals. The different lineage of masters throughout the centuries have given birth to numerous of styles and forms that are essencially reflecting the same original teachings

Kung Fu

The Kung Fu Wu Shu from the monastery of Shaolin has since two decades become more and more famous through the different shows touring the world.

Our approach of this Kung Fu, with elements from Wu Dang, Tui Shu and Pakua is to teach a practical and efficient technique of self defense which incorporates Taos or forms symbolizing several animal in situation of fighting.

The fluidity and agility of the practise give to it a graceful and dancing aspect which enhances the power of the movements.

Beyond the basics punches, kicks, elbow and knee strokes, we teach the unity of body and mind in a situation of danger. The training requires a good level of fitness and is a powerful cardiovascular contionnement.

The execution of the Taos follows a increase of speed and rhythm which includes conventional fightings and free fighting sessions.


Essentially non-violent and based on the philosophy of self control and mastery, Kung Fu is a school where the individual finds its place in the community, leading to more self acceptance and self esteem.


Strength, flexibility, agility, precision and concentration are essential elements of the training.


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