There is a natural way to ride, it is not really a technique, it is more a certain awareness of the relationship between a human being and a horse. Developing presence, centering, grounding, leadership through friendship, non violent communication through body awareness are the key principles of this new way to live with horses. 

To understand and learn their language is entering the realm of conscious body language and energy body. The first step is set in a free space where both human and horse can exchange, interact, move and dance as individuals building up a relationship based on trust, joy, movement, sharing, support and mutual understanding. 


After that, riding becomes a joyful and great experience we share with the horse, riding together with him, playing with him and feeling secure and supported in our choices and decisions. We learn to lead with loose reins, with a bitless briddle and saddleless pad but a maximum feeling of sensations.


It is a mutual journey into the world of friendship and relationship, body awareness and open senses. We teach you to have a perfect relaxed and balanced posture on the back of the horse.

Bare back riding is  therefore the most sensitive and holistic way to reach an harmonious and long term friendship between rider and horse.


Feel free to contact us for workshops, seminars, presentation, group or individual sessions


This method is particularly effective with so called "difficult' or "crazy horses"!  

And a great leadership training too, for people who are working as executive with high responsibilities (specific workshop for managers can be offered)


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  • individual sessions
  • group workshops
  • family workshops
  • leadership trainings for managers, companies




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