Pilates is a healthy workout for the body and mind using elements from back training, body conditioning and relaxation techniques and awareness.


We use basically seven main principles in our method (Pilates bodymotion) which are:




-alignment and balance

-shoulder articulation

-length and width of movement

-relaxation and releasing

-the joints of the body


Following a flow of different exercices with several variations and repetitions, the class gives the student the time to sense and correct his posture and train safely.

We focus on changes between sitting, laying (on back, side or belly), standing and quadrupede postition to maximize the use of all muscles, intrinsic and extrinsic.

The concept of power house, symbol of our energy center, helps us to train our illio psoas muscle, responsible for a natural and good postural alignment.


The benefits for the spine and posture are enormous and the general wellbeing felt after one hour of practise reflects the positive response of our body.



Hatha Yoga is the physical expression of the science of yoga. Symbol of the unity between the sun and the moon, the practise is essentially using asanas or body postures to train our body to attain perfect health.


There are plenty of differents postures with many levels of execution, with a accent on stretching the muscles and ligaments in order to relax the body during the asana.

The Yoga practise includes pranayama, the science of breathing to activate and generate more prana (life force energy) in our body.


Yoga is known as a body mind spirit philosophy which has a deep spiritual meaning. Developed since thousands of years in India, Yoga has found its principles and basis with the treaty of Patanjali Yoga Sutras written in the 8th century . Dividing yoga in 8 main paths, Patanjali has created a real map of experience for every true seeker.

Strength and flexibility, body sculpting and physical health, mental peace and emotional balance are real benefits from a regular practise of Yoga.


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