Sabine & Philippe together are so clear, so authentic, so trustworthy and so wise in their teaching. They have opened up a space here so safe that the transformative work of Nia can occur very deeply.

They are profound teachers and Nia in their hands is very beautiful.

I leave with joy…until the next time.

Grace, USA


The 80 billion cells of this body bow in gratitude for your beauty, grace & wisdom.

Nia in India will always be my life treasure. Namaste & Peace & Love!

Karla, USA


Through you I could trust to visit my dream country India. And you didn’t t exaggerate.

It was more impressive I would have ever imagined.

Every day of the retreat was implemented in my heart. Every color of the chakra let me feel lighter and opened my blocks even I didn’t speak a lot of English.

Everything was beautifully harmonious.

Ria, Munich/ Germany


I am so touched and feel like I got to know a new path through you both, your love, your warmth, your way to live Nia and to dance Nia.

Thanks so much from the deepest heart for the wonderful and inspiring time in Auroville.

Katrin, Nia Teacher, Mallorca/Spain


Thank you for the wonderful Nia lessons, I will always remember during my weekly Nia classes in Switzerland. I wish you all the best for the future and hope to meet you again.

Esther, Zürich/ Switzerland


Niamaste is a magical journey for me – in India, in Auroville and inward into me. Thank you for making my journey safe and lovely!The experiences each day exploring the chakras were in depth and fun, opening and balancing them through movement and dance gave me feelings of grounded-ness, strong self-esteem, confidence in my creativity, compassion in my heart, truth in my voice, trust in my intuition and a strong connection to my spirit.The accommodations and food in Verite Community were fabulous. I feel like a million bucks! Thank you many thanks to you two for making it all happen. Much love, many blessings!

Haven, Nia Teacher, USA


I believe India, Auroville, the Mother has been calling me since I took my first Nia Class in September 2009. The last few years were preparation for my making this journey and being here for the most incredible Nia Retreat and it have to be in incredible India. I first received my Brown Belt Symbol in January 2011, found out it was in August 2012 and the received the word “Shine” – then in January 2013 I travel to India and at the Mothers resting place I see the symbol on “Manipura”-day “Shine”!

But it was today (last day in the Retreat) that I started to begin to understand the meaning of it! During the singing of the mantra!

I am free and i am moving through shining as my free true self.

And the journey and understanding continues…

Much love to you both, thank you thank you!

Sandra, Nia Teacher, USA


Thanks for lightening the fire and passion in me for the Nia Practice and for your hospitality.

The relaxing Atmosphere in Auroville allowed me to strengthen and finding my balance.

I will take back the amazing colors for my journey. The spirit of Auroville will be with me. The energy will carry on. I know it – and that feels great! Beautiful that you are existing .

Lisa, Zürich, Switzerland


I was very excited to come to India as it was my firdst time travelling to a country outside Europe. I got many many new Impressions from another culture, A nd because of you this India Trip was an amazing deep Experience for me.

The work with the chakras, the beautiful organized excursions und you as an unbeatable Nia and Life Teacher Team will stay forever in my memories – where ever my life path will take me. I thank you from my heart for your sharing.

Katharina, Nia student, Hamburg Germany


My utmost gratitude and respect for this wonderful joyous and adventurous and beautiful journey! A true inner journey which was such an intense and deeply healing experience! My heart has opened. Thanks again! I cried and laughed and most of all surrendered to love!

Love – Rishad, Pondicherry, India 


This is my second Nia & Chakra workshop and I can do it again and again and again and I trust will! Your energy, your power, your music, your experience, your professionalism, makes it the best workshop I have ever attended. You two are also a beautiful match – with your humor, with your difference, with you compatibility, with your connection…you manage to liberate others to through their bodies and their rhythm. You truly live your “Life as Art”. I am very happy to have you in my life. Lots of love.

Irena, Croatia 


Thank you for guiding the way and showing me an open door way through which I could discover my true heart. When I met you I sensed my heart was not broken not damaged but flat. It beats fully now in three dimensions. You and your love for one another are the greatest inspiration. With heartfelt gratitude.

Yvonne, Nia Black Belt Teacher, Houston Texas, USA



From our hearts, through my hand, to your eyes…

Thank you for giving us a new way to experience Nia, India and each other! For Doug (my partner) it was the first tome doing Nia with a man! He loves Nia already but this has given him new inspiration. For me it has been a great gift to teach in this beautiful community and to learn in such a fertile environment.From generosity & spirit and humor at a time of great challenge and transition for you and your own lives is truly extraordinary.

Lynn (Nia Teacher) & Doug, New York, US


Thank you for your energy, your smiles, your encouragement, your support, your guidance, your truth, your compassion, your passion, your joy, your movement, your stillness, your purity, your clarity, your knowledge, your playfulness, your serenity, your peace, your wisdom, your kindness, your gestures, your words, your gifts, your time, your presence, your selflessness, your humor, your humanity, your happiness, your patience, your beauty, your music, your dance, your laughter and your love…

Laetitia, Dubai


“Jeder Tag an dem nicht getanzt wird, ist eine verlorener” M. Bejart

Wir wissen das und tanzen weiter und wenn es nicht mehr geht dann im Herzen. Vielen vielen Dank liebe Sabine & Philippe! Nia in India is magique!

Cornelia, Nia Teacher, Zürich, Switzerland (6 time in Nia in India !)


This is the best personal development work I did in my life, thank you for this beautiful experience. You have light in the heart and in your eyes. Thank you to give me light in my life!

Maria, Nia student, Spain 


So much grace, beauty, love, love through my body, for my body, love for all the other spirits with beautiful bodies and shining eyes. Love for the earth, flowers, trees, water, for the magnificent of creation. Making bloom everyone and each of us. A new tribe perhaps, an old one together again, love to all.

Maude, Australia



For me the Nia Retreat was impeccably organized, rythmic in the order of the day. Workout in the morning and evenings, at times, Vegan meals more beautifying than one can imagine, outings of pittoresque interest, times to rest and reflect, camaraderie and caring environment, all along under the magic baton of three nia masters. I brought back more than memories. I am filled with a greater sense of purpose."

Anne Catherine Mora, San Antonio, Texas, US




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