Vérité Community is an intentional community within the Auroville project, of currently 19 persons from many countries who share their life of integral yoga together.

Initiated with the intention of emphasising the qualities of ecological concern and community process as a part of an integral spiritual living, Vérité has a unique offering to groups of students who are searching for living, working examples of alternatives to the conventional approaches to life and the future on this planet.


-Accomodation in single or double rooms, common bathroom and toilets

-Ayurvedic breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet with organic products from Auroville

-Two meeting and meditation halls

-Peaceful gardens and walking paths

-A Library cum study room with collections of books on spirituality, ecology, and alternative health

-A Guest Lounge cum tea kitchen and telephone

-Living demonstrations of alternative building materials, wastewater recycling, water solar electricity, organic garden

-Access to internet at Verite


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