2019 - SuryaSoul® Retreats

Bush Dance Retreat 

2019 May 3-8


2 more spots available!! 


-limited participants

-with rituals

-bush excursions

- game drives


for SuryaSoul Teachers

e-SoulCamp Retreat

2 spots left


2019 Sept 15-21

on Mallorca/Spain



Sacred Dance Retreat

open for all


2019 Sept 21-28

on Mallorca/Spain


-swimming pool

-excursion to Palma

-live Didgeridoo



4 hours practice per day

SoulShine Dance Retreat

2020 March 14-21

on Bali/Indonesia

- registrations are open- 


directly at the ocean 

-dolphin tour

-waterfall excursion

-water ritual


4 hours practice per day


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