SuryaSoul® Teacher Training

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SuryaSoul® Teacher Training (3 modules of 70 hours = 210 hours)


with SuryaSoul® Trainers & Founders Philippe Beaufour and Sabine Zweig

The SuryaSoul® TT will be offered in English and German with French translation available. The SuryaSoul® TT is open to all.


SuryaSoul® TT Level 1 - DanceOfSoma

Awakening, the Way of Movement 

a holistic dance practice - choreographed/free forms of dancing bodymudras 

Open to all, includes:

-70 hours of education

-Awakening Mala

-Training Manual Level 1 (pdf)

-SuryaSoul® Soma Teacher Certification


SuryaSoul® TT Level 2 - DanceOfSpirit

Expression, the Way of the Heart

a conscious dance practice - an open space of individual & collective expression 

Open to certified SuryaSoul® Soma Teacher (Level 1), includes

-70 hours of education

-Heart Mala

-Training Manual Level 2 (pdf)

-SuryaSoul® Spirit Teacher Certification


SuryaSoul® TT Level 3 -DanceOfLife

Embodied Lifestyle, the Way of Unity

a DanceOfLife practice - embodied leadership for mindful living

Open to certified SuryaSoul® Soma & Spirit Teacher (Level 1&2), includes

-70 hours of education

-Unity Mala

-Training Manual Level 3 (pdf)

-SuryaSoul® DanceOfLife Teacher Certification

SuryaSoul® Teacher Training - unique fields of learning and playing together:


1. Science of Movement - The Body, Roots of our Practice

Learn the principles of anatomy and movement/dance dynamics to find, explore and expand your own individual technique. Dance Journey including release and self-expression, letting go and restoring, dynamic and rest, grounding and elevating…


2. Yin Yang Philosophy - The 2 Creative Partners

The Tao Philosophy in theory and practice, embodiment through creative expression and movement sequences.


3. Integral Yoga - Yoga of Evolution

Experience the ancient Wisdom of Yoga and find alignment with your own true identity.

Including Sanskrit vocabulary and classical Mudras (hand gestures).


4. Chakra Anatomy - A Life Energy System with the Heart at the Center

You will master the 7 Chakra System in relationship to movement and Yoga


5. Science of Sound - The Reality of Vibrations and the Magic of Music

Music will be your source, your inspiration, your muse and your teacher. Discover the rich diversity of music genres, tunes, sounds, instruments, atmospheres and emotions. Sound and Silence games, playlist tips, music management education. Technical Sound Education (equipment, sound system, software, microphone…)


6. Science of Living - Visions and Manifestations

You will dive into your leadership potential and qualities. Teaching from trusting in your inner guidance.


7. Meditation - One with All

Meditation, awareness and breathing techniques.


A practice into the presence of now, ready to Be Life and Act Life!



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