Deep Gratitude to this wonderful group in our SuryaSoul Soma Teacher Training Level 1 on Mallorca 2017 from Turkey, US, England, Netherlands, France, Italy, India, Germany. Our hearts and souls are always connected....

27 shining souls.....sharing the dance and light....

Preview Tour 2018:

Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Israel, India, Mallorca, The Netherlands, Austria, France...

SuryaSoul® Israel Tour 2017

SuryaSoul® - when Yoga becomes a DanceOfLife

Congratulations to our first 20 SuryaSoul® Soma Teachers

our first certified Teachers from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Israel, Belgium, France.

Join the next group SuryaSoul Teacher Training on Mallorca/ Spain Sept 16-24

(incl.  128 pages Manual in German, French, English: Level 1: about Tao, Dance, Integral Yoga, Chakra Anatomy, Music Genres and Mantra Meditation)

SuryaSoul® - when Yoga becomes a DanceOfLife

the new Movement Dance Meditation TeacherTraining (TT)

SuryaSoul®- DanceOfLife

The NEW Movement Dance Meditation Teacher Training in 3 Levels in Germany or Spain. 


SuryaSoul® - a DanceOfLife - is a conscious, alive, celebrating, embodied dance experience: an open invitation to all! 

We move, we shine, we dance, we sing, we meditate and include!

Let’s shine into ourselves and into the community - connecting to self and other in our collective dance…


SuryaSoul® DanceOfSoma -with choreographed forms of dancing bodymudras

SuryaSoul® DanceOf Spirit -with a space of individual and collective expression

SuryaSoul® DanceOfLife - individual sessions through dance, movement and art

-all modalities are based on the Chakra System and the philosophyies of Yoga, Tao and Dance.  

Mallorca Retreat 2018

SoulShine Dance Retreat on Bali

March 2017: Deep gratitude to our 22 DancersOfLife from all over the world.

Join the next SoulShine Dance Retreat Bali 2018 - registrations are open! 

Chakra Dance Retreat in Auroville/India

January 2017: Deep gratitude to our 25 DancersOfLife from Germany, Switzerland, France, Hungary, La Reunion, South Africa, USA, Canada, Australia, Dubai.

Next Retreat 2018 


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