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Join the next group SuryaSoul Teacher Training 2018!

(incl.  128 pages Manual for Level 1 in German, French, English: 

about Tao, Dance, Integral Yoga, Chakra Anatomy, Music Genres and Mantra Meditation)

Mallorca Sacred Dance Retreat

Join our next international Sacred Dance Retreat on Mallorca 2018 in the most beautiful Finca with swimming-pool, jacuzzi, incredible soulfood and the inspiring SuryaSoul Dance Shala ...sign up for 2018! 

Since more than 1 year we are dancing, meditating and working with brandnew music for our "wild wise wonder dance tour 2018."...stay curious and come to join the SuryaSoul DanceOfLife in many locations in Germany, Europe, Asia, Israel...check here

Next SuryaSoul Teacher Training 2018 August!!!!

check here

Congratulations to our first 47 SuryaSoul® Soma Teachers 2017

Deep Gratitude to our both wonderful groups of our SuryaSoul Soma Teacher Training Level 1 (Mallorca & Ettlingen) 2017 from 16 countries: Germany, Switzerland, France, England, The Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey, England, Belgium, Israel, India, Italy, Austria, Spain, Lebanon, US. Our hearts and souls are always connected....

SoulShine Dance Retreat on Bali 2018

March 2017: Deep gratitude to our 22 DancersOfLife from all over the world.

Join the next SoulShine Dance Retreat Bali 2018 - registrations are open! 

Only one room left!!!


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